Leadership Training Series

About Us

Tim Hebert

Here, we are committed to — as our fearless leader Tim Hebert says — helping others “see through the fog and become more purposeful leaders.” As such, a number of our executives have become facilitators of the Leadership Challenge, a two-day professional development seminar that teaches attendees about the five fundamental practices common to extraordinary leadership achievements.

The Leadership Training Series is designed for everyone who wants to become a leader, from front-line managers and executives, to those who wish to attain more from their jobs. A fantastic evolution occurs during each event and by the end of the challenge, attendees leave equipped with a framework they can leverage to become more effective leaders.

“Becoming an intentional leader is not unlike playing on the monkey bars. It requires you to let go of that rung behind you—that rung that defined who you are today but can hold you back from who you're meant to be if you let it—and reach forward to the new rung—which represents the opportunity to be a leader.”
-Tim Hebert, CEO

Ready to take your journey? This training series is structured into five distinct levels that are presented over a two-day period by Tim Hebert, a certified Leadership Challenge facilitator.